Our Process


All decisions about portfolio goals, objectives and structure must be based on the organization’s mission and objectives, financial condition and governance structure. Our consultants are trained to help staff and volunteer leadership assess these and other key elements as a precursor to developing an investment policy statement or recommending a portfolio structure.



Planning involves a process; successful planning involves a process which has the understanding and support of all stakeholders. Following a process that has been refined over more than 25 years, ORION’s team helps our clients develop thoughtful Investment Policy Statements customized to their specific goals, objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon and any spending needs. Asset/liability analysis and asset allocation modelling are used to provide staff and volunteer leadership with the tools essential to making informed decisions which then are then codified in the written IPS.



While our clients may have different missions, investment goals, time horizons and liquidity needs, they all share a common objective: to be good stewards in overseeing the assets entrusted to them, be they reserves, an endowment or foundation, or a retirement plan. And this necessitates well diversified portfolios which strike an appropriate balance between risk and return.

Rather than building  portfolios by allocating funds among different asset classes based on historical data or “conventional” thinking, we believe a more thoughtful and forward-looking  approach is called for in constructing well diversified portfolios. We passionately believe that portfolios need to include investment vehicles and strategies designed to perform in distinct economic and market conditions. 



The success of any plan cannot be determined without appropriate reference points and a process to evaluate whether those reference points are being met. Through regular and timely reports and communication, ORION delivers the information, interpretation and advice essential to long-term success.

Performance reports can be customized to your specific requirements; this made possible by our proprietary performance measurement system which has been refined over the years based on feedback from clients. In some cases, an organization wants great detail in its performance reports. In other cases, a portfolio dashboard is desired. ORION strives to provide the information your organization needs, in the format you need it.

Regular Investment Reviews with staff and volunteer leadership are more than just a review of numbers; they provide practical interpretation and specific recommendations as necessary to help ensure that the plan is on track to meet its objectives.

Moreover, these regular reviews often are used to provide education and training for trustees on issues pertaining to investments, the financial markets and fiduciary responsibilities.



Research at ORION is divided into three areas: global economic research; investment manager research; and topical research.

ORION combines original research along with the work of carefully vetted, third-party firms to produce a robust and diverse set of views which, in turn, are synthesized by our Investment Committee into views and recommendations which are implemented across client portfolios. Decisions on tactical and strategic asset allocation, as well as manager additions and replacements are made by the Investment Committee.

 Each year the analysts at ORION meet with and conduct due diligence on more than 100 investment managers—covering the complete spectrum of asset classes, including traditional and “alternative,” strategies.