Our Resources

ORION, a DiMeo Schneider & Associates L.L.C. Firm has over 30 skilled and credentialed professionals participating in our proprietary due diligence process sourcing and evaluating potential investments.  Our internal committee then engages in rigorous and healthy debate to determine appropriate opportunities for our clients.  The result is a customized, pragmatic, approach to selecting and monitoring investments.

Our vetting process is robust and ongoing.  We maintain contact with investment managers, routinely conducting more than 1,000 manager meetings per year.

We negotiate fair and reasonable investment manager costs and often help clients' access investment vehicles at below stated minimums.  We commit to full disclosure and transparency of pricing.

We consider ourselves prudently progressive and understand that the purpose of our research is quite simple:  to help clients construct an investment strategy that provides a good probability of achieving their goals.  We assess the qualitative component of an investment alongside our quantitative work and appreciate that performance includes risk and return.  Our capital markets insights, macroeconomic commentary, white papers, videos, and other educational tools help keep clients "in the know".

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