Wealth Management

Your financial future. Thoughtfully planned.
Wealth Management at ORION Investment Advisors

At ORION Investment Advisors we believe that a successful client/advisor relationship requires effective communication, thorough data analysis, comprehensive research, and well though out strategies based on your specific goals. Forming close relationships is at the center of everything we do. The better we know our clients and their family, the more effective we can be at helping them plan for their future.

We take pride in the breadth of solutions that we are able to provide our clients at ORION. These resources allow us to focus on serving the full spectrum of your portfolio and wealth management needs. Whether you are growing your nest egg, planning for retirement, or creating a family legacy, as your family’s financial planning partner, ORION will be by your side as you move through each phase of your financial life. Putting you at the center of everything we do, we will be proactive in creating and executing a strategy aimed at protecting your capital, meeting your current financial needs, and creating the financial future you envision for yourself and your loved ones.

It is our collaborative approach, varied skillsets, experience, and enjoyment of what we do that sets up apart.

Where are you & where do you want to go?

Imagine having a financial advisory team that looks at your financial life from every angle. To begin your journey you need a comprehensive view of your financial landscape, along with professional un-biased guidance and management to assist you as you move toward achieving your stated goals. As your financial life evolves, strategies must be considered to safeguard your progress from risks both seen and unseen. By implementing personalized solutions, we will work together to grow and maintain the financial future you envision.

  • What goals do you have for yourself and for your family?
  • How will your financial assets assist you in achieving those goals?
  • What type of lifestyle do you hope for in retirement?
  • What potential hurdles might arise to derail your lifestyle objectives?
  • Do you wish to help a child or grandchild with college tuition?
  • What are your charitable goals?
  • What type of legacy would you like to leave behind?

Our commitment to you, our client

To make a significant positive impact on the financial life of you and your family by:

  • Providing a relationship that goes beyond portfolio management
  • Protecting your financial interests as carefully as we would our own family’s
  • Maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity
  • Helping you define your goals
  • Providing sound advice and guidance to achieve your goals
  • Leveraging our extensive network of professionals to seek out the resources necessary to simplify your life and finances
  • Developing your trust through confidence, not arrogance
  • Being both proactive, and responsive, in executing your financial strategy
  • Delivering on our promises and being accountable in our words and actions
  • Being by your side, every step of the way to help you build, preserve, and distribute the financial legacy that you envision

Understanding Your Goals

Through conversation we will uncover and review your financial details, taking the time necessary to understand all of your needs and concerns. It is important that we truly comprehend your goals – both for today and for the long term.

  • Who are you as a person, as well as, as an investor?
  • What does money mean to you?
  • What are your goals, hopes, and dreams?
  • What do you want for yourself and for your family?
  • What is your comfort level with risk and volatility?

Developing Your Strategy

Through thorough analysis of your financial information, from investment portfolios to insurance contracts, we will provide our optimized recommendations, with an eye to maximizing your chances of achieving your goals.

  • We will create and individually customized plan and investment policy statement that incorporates everything we have learned.
  • Our plan will include specific recommendations for such varied disciplines as wealth accumulation, retirement planning, wealth transfer, tax minimization, strategic borrowing, and asset protection.
  • We will create an investment strategy designed to provide a return in line with your objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon.
  • A cash flow strategy is also put in place to meet future projected needs

Executing Your Plan

With clear insight into the tailored strategy we feel is most appropriate to your situation, we will collectively decide on a path that feels comfortable for you. We will then work to put our agreed upon plan into motion.

  • You are involved in every step of the process so that we are truly aligned as we determine our course of actions.
  • The plan can incorporate other trusted advisors, such as your attorney or accountant, regarding trusts, insurance, lending, and other non-investment services.
  • Working together we bring your strategy to life through professional investment management solutions

Ongoing Reviews

Because your personal and familial circumstances will change with time, we will track your progress toward your stated goals through active and ongoing discussions, to help you stay on the correct path.

  • We will constantly monitor and review the strategy to assess your progress and to determine what adjustments might be advisable.
  • We will make alterations to the plan as necessary to reflect changing circumstances.
  • We will also refine it periodically in light of changing financial market, legislation, regulation, and financial product developments.

“One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is that the happiest people are those who are most productive in their life’s journey and bring much happiness and benefit to others. A life without purpose is wasted.”

~Sir John Templeton
Philanthropist and Investment Manager

This quote from one of history’s greatest investors and businessmen embodies our firm’s spirit of serving others. At ORION we consider ourselves fortunate to be in a profession that allows us to pursue our purpose of bringing much happiness and benefit to our clients. Thank you for the opportunity to be your trusted advisor.


For more information, please contact David Thome, CFP, Director, Wealth Management at 703-720-5984.